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Welcome to Carthage Elementary Nurse's Office:


  • New York State law requires physical appraisals to be given to students in kindergarten, 2nd, and 4th grade, as well as new students to the school district.  These can be completed at your private physician using the Health Appraisal Form. Acceptable physicals include any that have been completed within the last year from the first day of school. IE: School Starts 9/5/12 a physical would be accepted if it was completed on 9/5/11 or later. If your physician completes your child's physical on their form this is also acceptable. School physicals are also completed by the School physician at the beginning of the school year if desired.  This appraisal includes the physician checking the ears, eyes, nose, throat, neck, heart, chest, legs, abdomen, spine, and for hernias (both inguinal and scrotal) on each child.  You will be notified of any abnormality discovered by the doctor.
  • A law was recently enacted requiring schools to request a dental certificate fore newly entering students
  • as well as kindergarten, grade2, and grade 4. Please take the Dental Certificate Form with your child when they visit the dentist and return it to the Nurse's office upon completion.
  • All students enrolled in NYS public schools are required to provide proof of immunizations. The Immunization Requirement Information will provide you with what is needed for enrollment. 


  • Parents are reminded to send an excuse anytime a child is absent from school - this is a requirement from New York State.  If your child(ren) will be absent for an extended period of time it is advisable to send the note to the teacher and the nurse prior to the absence  Please note that the automated attendance will call when your child is out unexcused and you will receive this call each day they are out. 


  • Students are not to carry any medication to school or in school.  All medication must be brought into the nurse by the parent/guardian with a doctor's note that states the dosage and time for the medication to be given in school. The Medicine Permissions Form is for you to take to your primary care provider and have them complete it enable to allow the medication to be administered during school hours. This applies to all over the counter medications as well.  This includes creams, ointments, cough drops, cough syrups, pain relief medication, sunscreen, and insect repellents.
  • Per the health guidelines signed by the school physician, any student with a temperature of 100 degrees or higher will need to go home and will not be allowed to ride the bus.  He/she can return to school when he/she has been fever free for 24 hours without fever medication.
  • Students should have an extra set of clothes in their classroom/bookbag.  With the breakfast and lunch programs students may spill drinks, drop food on themselves, etc. and it is easier for students to change into a new set versus the nurse having to contact the parent to bring clothes each time the student needs a change.


  • A note from a physician is required if a student is going to be excused from physical education class for greater than one class.  The note should indicate when the student can resume participating in physical education class.  If that is not known at the initial doctor's visit, a second note from the physician will be needed in order for the student to begin participating again.  Additionally, it is helpful if the physician indicates the specific limitations.  For example, if a student has an arm injury, is it okay for him/her to walk during physical education class.
  • Carthage School has a "No Nit Policy" concerning head lice. If you discover head lice on your child at home or if they are sent home from school, treatment is required. All of the nits (eggs) need to be picked/combed/and removed from your child's hair before they are able to return to school. A parent/guardian will be required to escort their child to the nursing office to be evaluated to determine if they are nit free. Attached is a link to the Center for Disease Control as a source of information for your review. The earlier the problem is discovered the easier to correct. Information will be reinforced with parents upon dismissal from school. 





Heather Bender, BS, RN


Carthage Elementary School Nurse