School Profile

Carthage Elementary is a K-4 elementary school located in the village of Carthage. It is one of the three elementary schools in the Carthage School District and serves approximately 450+students. Students come from the local communities as well as schools across the nation and overseas. Many of the students at Carthage Elementary are military dependents and give the school, its students and staff, a global perspective, racial and ethnic diversity and many unique advantages. In addition, Carthage Elementary serves a wide range of support services from consultant teachers, support services such as speech, counseling, early intervention, social work, occupational therapy, and physical therapy, to full time special education classes.

The curriculum has been revised and aligned to reflect the Common Core Learning Standards and it emphasizes the development of basic foundational skills Literacy, Math, Social Studies and Science. The focus on Early Literacy connecting Reading, Writing and Language can be seen in the primary classrooms. Carthage Elementary offers a School Age Child Care Program before/after school to meet families' needs. We proudly offer a strong Fine Arts Program, Physical Education Program and have computers for student use in each classroom.

Carthage Elementary also offers a UPK program. Students attend school from 8:50 a.m. till 11:40 p.m. and 12:50-3:45. Students are served breakfast, as well as, lunch. Contact Carthage Elementary for further details on registering your child. Please note, space is limited.

Carthage Elementary provides students a safe and nurturing environment with a well designed program of classroom management and student discipline. Values such as responsibility, respect, citizenship, service to others and patriotism are emphasized and reinforced regularly.

The Parent-Teacher Organization of Carthage Elementary is very active and supportive. Major fund-raisers are held each year to support the school assemblies, field trips, book author visits and extra programs.