Arrival and Dismissal Procedure

Arrival and Dismissal Procedure

9:00- School Day Begins

Students riding the bus to school will be released from their bus at 8:45 AM and will be welcomed by staff members on bus duty. Students will walk directly to their classrooms where they will be greeted by their classroom teacher.

Students walking to school or being driven to school by their caregiver should arrive at school no earlier than 8:55 AM (please understand that there is no supervision for students prior to 8:55 AM). Students may wait in the main entrance area and will be released to their classroom at 8:55 AM where they will be greeted by their classroom teacher.

As done in the past, kindergarten teachers will meet their students at the buses for the first few weeks of school and as a group they will walk down to their classroom.

Once all of the students are in the building the main entrance will be locked and any student arriving after 9:15 AM will need to be escorted by a parent/guardian to the main office. Parents will need to sign their student in at that time.

3:25- Dismissal Procedures Begins

Students who are listed as “daily walkers” will report to the main office around 3:25 PM. An announcement will be made for all walkers to be released from their classroom’s, these students will not be called out of their classroom each day.

Students who attend one of the after-school programs, SACC (YMCA) or CASE (CCSD) will be released to their designated areas at 3:25 via an announcement.

Students who ride the bus will be released by grade level starting around 3:20 (or when all buses are in the line-up). Once all of the students are safely on the bus, the buses will be directed to begin their drop-off route, this typically begins around 3:45 PM.

* CE families please know for security purposes you will be asked to present your ID to the office staff when picking your child up from school. Also, note that it is helpful for the office staff to know in advance

if your child is leaving school early, you can send a note with your child to school or you can call the main office and we will do our best to ensure your child is ready when you arrive. *