Carthage Central Code of Conduct

Carthage Elementary School Code of Conduct







In summarizing the Carthage Central School District’s Code of Conduct, Carthage Elementary School expects students in PreK-4 to…

1.  Contribute to maintaining an environment where everyone feels safe and can learn


2.  Be kind and respectful to people who work in the school as well as, to each other


3.  Accept and respect differences among/within the school community


4.  Treat others how they want to be treated


5.  Come to school every day, on time and ready to learn unless they have a legal absence


6.  Follow the directions given by those within the school community in a respectful manner


7.  Be responsible for what they say and do


8.  Be good role models while at school and/or when taking part in/attending school events


9.  Get help in solving problems before they become a discipline problem


Tell an adult within the school community any issue regarding safety


If you or someone you know is being bullied or harassed, please contact the Carthage Elementary Dignity Act Coordinators.


Richard Weber         315-493-1570

Lindsey Briggs          315-493-1570

Anne Boulter             315-493-1570